Instructor's Notebook : Tpr Homework Exercisesebook ISBN 9781560180043

Instructor's Notebook : Tpr Homework Exercises


This is a sequel to Ramiro's best-selling Instructor's Notebook: How to apply TPR for best results. Each student has simple exercises that the student can do at home by themselves. The more your students do on their own, the more fluent they become in the target language.

Ramiro shares tips and tricks that he discovered about TPR during 28 years of teaching Spanish to students of all ages, including adults. That stunning success inspired his students to honor him with awards of The Most Memorable Teacher and Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

Ramiro guides you step by step with TPR lessons you can use in any language to keep your students engaged day after day. Many games, dialogues, and even tests are included. When language teachers asked Ramiro for more, he produced The Graphics Book in your choice of English, Spanish, French or German. Ramiro's TPR Bingo is the game that his students asked to play over and over.

For a solid understanding of the powerful linguistic tool of TPR, Ramiro recommends you use his books and games after you have read Dr. James J. Asher's classic book, Learning Another Language Through Actions, now in its 7th edition. Dr. Asher discovered the Total Physical Response (known world wide as TPR.) Recently, Buddhist monks in a monastery in Northern India contacted Dr. Asher to say they were users of TPR and invited him to come visit.

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