Missing Michael : A Mother's Story of Love, Epilepsy, and Perseveranceebook ISBN 9781420878783

Missing Michael : A Mother's Story of Love, Epilepsy, and Perseverance


Missing Michael A Mother's Story of Love, Epilepsy, and Perseverance is the author's moving account of her son's struggle with epilepsy, its complications, and the effects of the drugs used to treat it. The story covers a time period of over fifteen years as the family attempts to maintain normalcy even as Michael's condition and treatment often envelop him in a haze-like state. Michael's parents are faced with the unenviable task of determining how many seizures are "acceptable" and how much drug is simply "too much." Michael's condition over the years is wildly variable. There are moments, days, and weeks when he bears little resemblance to his gregarious, mischievous pre-seizure self. And while the family is grateful for Michael's presence however he is, there are moments of pure joy when his true personality manages to break through the drug-and-seizure-induced fog. Occasional comments from friends and family such as, "Michael seems more like himself," or "Michael seems so much more alert," are indicative that others in his life miss facets of Michael as well. In Missing Michael..., a mother lays bare her thoughts about school and health care systems, societal indifference, and the harm that results from lack of compassion and tolerance. She acknowledges the dedicated professionals who have helped Michael medically and academically. She applauds Michael's strength of spirit and his courage and ability to overcome substantial obstacles. And throughout its pages, this mother's story celebrates the bond of family and the power of love and hope.

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